A Canadian Archaeologist in Scotland

Hi I am a 22-year-old, white, preppy, liberal, middle classed, Canadian archaeologist. This blog with be about my adventures in Scotland, as I will be attending Glasgow University to get my masters degree, which will last September to September. I will be getting my ‘M. Lit’ in a archaeology based programme however I am also very interested in Battlefield archaeology as my house in Canada lies between two 1812 Forts. Without meaning to brag, I have a lot of archaeological experience (approx 72 weeks). I was fortunate to get employment with a Private sector ‘Cultural Resource’ firm (or ‘Rescue archaeology’) and I have over four field seasons (May to Sep, as I was a university student during this time) under my belt with about a week or so assistant-supervisor status. I have worked on two human burial sites and predominantly Native American sites (which mostly yield stone tool making debris known as ‘flakes’ or debotage) but I do have some ‘historic’ experience (the term historic kind of rudely implies that only European focused history matters as simply due to the fact that it is written).

As this is my first blog and I personally would rather be too short than too long in my posts so I will call ‘er quits.

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