Scotland ahoy

Well tomorrow I fly to Scotland and my adventure begins. It is funny as my great grandfather (on my mothers side) immigrated to Canada from Scotland at the age of 21 and I am going the other way at about the same age. My great great grand father, whose son immigrated to Canada, was also responsible for plasterwork at Glasgow University when it changed location to where it is positioned today.

As my mom mentioned the Scottish are to Canada as the Italians are to American (I.E. they were the largest single group of ‘founding’ immigrants. This is clear, as many coworkers and friends have given me addresses of distant relatives to investigate when I am in Scotland. Clearly I have to take some pictures of castles and lochs and try to pass them off as the provided address, as it turns out many of my relatives were also tricksters so I don’t want to be a disappoint in that regard.

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