Safe and sound in Scotland

I placed my head against the provided pillow and attempted to fall asleep. Even with noise reducing headphones on, an airplane is very difficult place to sleep. The pillowcase seems to be made from the same material/webbing as the liner of male swimming trunks (which I bluntly called ‘ball catcher’). It was four hours into my flight and breakfast was going to be served soon. After my single serving meal we began our descended through the ocean of cotton clouds. Scotland’s beauty was observable and undeniable. Pastures with sheep, golf courses with carts that resembled scuttling beetles and tree lined roads dissected the countryside landscape. We arrived in Glasgow late due to a problem in Canada with someone’s chair bluntly refused to remain in the ‘upright and locked position’. The plane landed safely and soon we were being herded through customs like lambs to the slaughter. Without getting into security details lets just say it is advantageous to own a EU passport. I collected my luggage and moved on into the arrival ‘greeting’ area where I meet volunteers from the Glasgow International student orientation programme. They arranged a bus for myself and two American students to Glasgow where we were passed off to a university representative who gave us a brief tour and dropped us off at our respective areas of residence. I had a brief nap before I met up with one of the Americans and we visited a pub where we watched rugby, ate fish and chips and drank Tennants beer. So this is Scotland.

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