Entertainment pays

The past few days have been crazy. International student orientation seminars continue and today hosted the ‘travel’ portion as well as a ‘miscellaneous’ portion that included banking police et cetera. An energetic fellow from the adventure travel company ‘Haggis’, which specializes in Scottish trips, hosted the travel seminar. In the end they held a competition and I volunteered to compete. The competition was to find the best imitation of Sean Connery and luckily I was well versed as I often repeat lines from SNL’s sketch on ‘celebrity jeopardy’ and I won a three days trip to the Scottish of Island of Skye (a 89LB value)! Also during this competition I wore a shirt my sister gave me which portrays a lumberjack and cut-log text that reads “Trust me, I’m Canadian” which also sparked numerous conversations after the seminar was over.
Later I hoped on a bus tour of Glasgow that was interesting, educational and it also helped me get my bearings of the city better. I did not bring my camera as I thought I had a social event (involving alcohol) after, but the event was actually two hours later! Now as there is some free time I can finally finish unpacking.
Oh I mentioned the REAL name of the travel company cause they gave me free stuff. Thats right, for the right price I’ll sellout!

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