Stirling and Glengoyne

Stirling Castle statues
Yesterday I traveled to Stirling castle and the Glengoyne whisky distillery. It was raining, (surprise, surprise) and therefore difficult to snap off good shots but I did manage to clean up some goodies (I’m attempting to attach one but please be patient as I’m still new at this). Stirling caste was beautiful and I especially like the beautifully painted ‘Chapel Royal’ and the wall statues.
Glengoyne was very educational as I learned a great deal about single unpeated malt whisky. The tour guide used the running joke “this is how you make it at home” but the more he described the process the more clear it became it is near impossible to do (i.e. access to 1000 liters of water per bottle of whisky produced). I also grabbed a ‘baby bottle of booze’ of single cask whisky, which means that all of the booze came from one cask and not a mixture of three casks (from within the same distillery) like all other single malts. As it is a ‘single cask’ it is very expensive as 65% of all the liquor evaporates from the cask that means that there isn’t much to go around and that specific and unique taste will never be produced again! I think I’ll save it for my wedding day.

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