Culture shock and awe!

Everyone I talked to before I left warned me about culture shock and indeed I have felt it. First, it is easy to detect like when you look the wrong way for traffic; however, you do learn the local curses this way from the angered drivers. The regional dialect comes into play when words like hello yes and little become hi-yah aye and wee. The weather also doesn’t help however because of my six years in the Maritimes I barely notice how fickle Mother Nature seems to be. Currency sizes vary from nation to nation and soon you find yourself fumbling over change in a store or chippy (chip shop) with the grace of a teen aged boy attempting to undo a bra mid make-out session.
I am in awe over the beauty of Glasgow. Many times I find myself stunned by the stonework in the downtown that surrounds the everyday institutions we frequent. I also continue to disbelieve that such a beautiful campus would be functioning little alone allow ME to attend University of Glasgow tower. The subway is also incredibly efficient with a train arriving every 8-6 minutes with the later for busy stops. It that kind of efficiency that kept the British Empire going, if only some of their banks would follow suit.

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One Comment on “Culture shock and awe!”

  1. Billy Says:

    Glasgow Tower, built in the Gothic fashion, typified by the pointed arch… It probably has some flying buttresses too… hahahaha… buttress…

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