Not just a males name any more

Everywhere you go there is a local insult. In the UK (or perhaps just in Scotland) the insult is NED, which is an acronym meaning non-educated delinquent; in other words a soccer hooligan. Apart from their behavior how can one identify a NED (please remember this is a stereotype told to me by local)? The standard apparel for the NED is track pants (or ‘joggy bottoms’) a soccer jersey (the Celtics or the Rangers in Glasgow), a lot of jewelry and the haircut of a famous footballer (soccer player- the most popular being a small Mohawk with the sides shaved). Now do NOT call anyone a NED as it is a serious insult; second, if the receiver of the insult is a NED they have the reputation of fighting a lot. According to the locals the usual friendly competition between rival soccer teams is tainted by the overflow of religious unrest between Catholics and Protestants. Note that I have not seen any of this hostility personally. I have personally seen all “Glasgwegians” unite together when Scotland beat out France, which was the most incredible sports-based celebration I have ever seen in my life.
My programme orientation starts tomorrow so the focus of my posts will shift to archaeology.

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3 Comments on “Not just a males name any more”

  1. wilrik Says:

    What’s up B——,

    I hid your name in case you haven’t noticed. I am the first one to respond on your blog. Wow!!
    anyway, things are going well here across the pond. Weather is turning more fall-like.
    I got a blog with wordpress as well. it’s “youknowwho”

    I love all this secret stuff.
    Have another Tennants and Cheers!


    (Did you notice I hid my name!)

  2. Douglas Todd Says:

    Cool blog ya nut!

  3. Billy Says:

    Hey Bro,
    You want some more info on NEDs, watch the movie “Green Street Hooligans”. It’s a great movie, but portrays exactly what you’re talking about.
    Cheers my Brother from a different mother

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