British Archaeology the land of acronyms!

After reading legal documents, ethics papers and Institute of Field Archaeologist (IFA) papers on their plans for the future, I have concluded that British archaeology is the land of acronyms. I am an outsider in a jargon filled field of study, and I thought understanding a fast talking Scotsman at a pub was hard. Many professors I have talked to believe that jargon is a type of language to keep the secrets of their knowledge away from those who did not rise up through the trials and tribulations that THEY had to face. Let is be known that jargon has regional dialects (or rejargon as I like to call it)! I believe part of the problem is that there are so many organizations floating around like dead fish in a red tide of ink!

Lets play ‘What does it mean?’
Is it
a)    A terrorist cell of archaeologists
b)    A non government organization
c)    A education design

It’s a education design! I still don’t know what it stands for! Every time I try to look it up I’m swamped with adverts for online schools!

How about Cadw?
Oh I won’t waste your time, it is a trick question! Cadw not an acronym it is Welsh for ‘keep’ and refers to the Welsh version of ‘English Heritage’. Regional jargon ahoy!
Well I am off to have some Taiwanese food with my flat mates and a night filled with BEERS. BEERS of course meaning Brain Endangered by Ethanol at a Rapid State

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