Well I am officially a student representative for my class. I try to make improvements for later generations of archaeological students, and from an anthropology perspective, there is no better candidate than ‘the outsider’. I need to take some training that has been called ‘useless’ by past student reps I have talked with.
I handed in my first essay on Friday and once again culture shock hit me like a bucket of bricks. First, you need to hand in two copies of the essay, then you need to attach two ‘receipt pages’ to each. I noticed that even when you are handing in a dissertation, which only requires one paper copy and one electronic copy, you STILL need to fill out and attach two receipt pages. I can see why they were running out of trees in UK around the time of the industrial revolution.  For those who care my essay was on the impacts the Institute of Field archaeologists have had on ‘the profession’ in the UK.
As time marches on, I am confronted by my holiday options. As the Clash put it “Should I stay or should I go?”. I want to go home see my family and friends but I have already received numerous invitations to have Christmas in Europe (and new years in Paris).  Oh the burden of being loved!
Oh and I also watched the Brits loose to the Springbucks in last night’s World Cup Rugby final. Most of the Scots in the pub cheered when the  Brits lost so clearly the hatred continues.

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