EIA fun

I have been spending the last week and a half working on a, archaeology based, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). We the students are given a protected building/site and a fictitious proposed development; we then have to determine direct and setting impacts. First, we must present our case, and mitigation proposals, as if we were expert witnesses and then after we get the grilling or ‘constructive feed back’ we actually attempt to write the archaeology chapter of an Environmental Statement (ES).
My project is two blocks of flats (apartment buildings) that threaten Govan Old Parish Church. This church is on the site of an early Celtic church and had ‘hogback’ tombstones, which have Viking motifs carved on them. The flats are only near the site but they would block the line of sight from many public areas across the river Clyde.
I am currently torn about some potential mitigation solutions as the flat will be on the site of a 1910 shipbuilding area which was closed in the 1960s. Did this construction already ruin the archaeology bellow it? Should this site be preserved for future generation who will be interested by their distant industrial past?

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One Comment on “EIA fun”

  1. Billy Says:

    Just build on top of the graves… who the hell would ever want to dig them up and look at them anyways? JUST KIDDING! (get it… see I was making fun of archaeologists. No? You didn’t get it? Alright then, moving on).
    Happy Halloween buddy, I hope you’re not dressed up as an emasculated Ninja again.

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