The List you want to follow

In Scotland there is a magazine called “The List” which covers all the best restaurants by genre. The List is half dedicated to Glasgow and half dedicated to Edinburgh. Last night I went out with my flat mates, one who happens to be Spanish, and some Spanish friends. We went to ‘TaPaell’Ya’, which is on the List’s ‘hitlist’, where we had an assortment of appetizers including the mighty tasty “croquettas” and some calamari rings amongst others. It was very interesting to hear about how the dishes are different from the true Spanish style and I clearly had to tuck away some of their cuisine info. You pretty much need to have appetizers as the paellas take about 45 minutes to make but they are well worth the wait. Oh and a great spin on the standard bread and butter was olive oil and balsamic vinegar which mixed nicely with the semi sweet bread which had nuts in it. That bread was a life safer as the Spanish tend to eat very later and following in their footsteps we did not sit down to eat until 8PM or 20:00, tack on the 45 minute wait for the paella and you get the idea.

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