Fawkes news

I also considered calling this post Gerry Fawkes day, but I didn’t want to compare a Canadian hero to a failed bomber. On Monday, there was a large fireworks display in the Glasgow Greens that was coupled with the Glasgow bid to host the upcoming Commonwealth games. My flat mates noted that there was no burning of effigies like in England; I chalked the difference to an on going sense of religious unrest that is visible whenever the Rangers and Celtics play (you do not want to be seen burning Catholics as the Celtics might get a bit angry). While talking to some classmates, who are Glasgow locals, they stated “In England they celebrate that he was caught and stopped while in Scotland we celebrate that he TRIED to blow them up”. That does explain the irony of celebrating a gunpowder plot with lots of explosions.
Just before the fireworks went off there were the standard lame radio competitions featuring a disc jockey with a face on them that explains why they are destined for the radio waves. This competition was to determine who had the best soccer ‘goal!’ cry. A twist of fate placed Celtic and Ranger fans, of the young child variety, next to each other and when the second child announced their loyalty, they were booed!  After the fireworks I retired to a pub with some friends and we noted that the fire brigade was very busy that night, to be expected I guess.

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