Busy busy!

The past few days have been a Mcflurry of activity!
Yesterday I caught the 3rd part of Ian Hodder’s lecture series. This lecture explained how the ‘thing theory’ related to Catalhoyuk. Hodder stated that there were ‘history houses’ in which way more people were buried in the floors (common practice) than could have directly lived there. He also mentioned, amongst other things, that houses were clustered around these types of house as if they sacred. I asked him a question, I wondered if he thought these houses would be the historic epicenter for ‘leading families’ and he said that it is one explanation and there is evidence to support my hypothesis. Now that received an ego stroke I feel ballsy enough to comment on his theory. I personally feel that his theory underplays the role of society, but apart from that detail, I agree with him and support his cause that aims to create a more integrated archaeological perspective.

I just returned for a field trip to from the Roman ‘milefort’ of Bar Hill/Iron age fort of Castle Hill and the 14th century Mugdock castle. As previously mentioned I have to create a research design for one of these two sites and I have to pick which one over the weekend. If nothing else arose from this trip I have officially touched the Antonine wall, hell I nearly tripped over it. Currently I am leaning towards Mugdock castle as I want to expand my horizons and tackle some standing building archaeology that rarely occurs in North America.

Tomorrow I am also going to hand it my class choices for the second semester. I have to take three and the first choices are Archaeological Project Management, GIS (Geographic Information System – a type of electronic mapping program) for Archaeological Project and Interpretation and Application of Geophysics Survey. The only course that may not be offered is GIS so my backup is CAD (Computer Aided Design- another type of electronic mapping program) for Archaeological Projects. I have also talked with Dr Tony Pollard and he has given me permission to sit in on the course ‘early modern battlefields’ however I will not receive academic credit for my attendance. Now thanks to the good Dr. Pollard I can make money with my computer skills AND follow my personal interests which may lead to a Ph D if I like it enough.

And now for a refreshing pint of beer!

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