Tripping around the Misty Island and the Highlands

This weekend I traveled to the Ile of Skye and up into the Scottish Highlands. I went with Glasgow’s international society, who booked through Haggis tours, however I could not cash in my winning ticket as the travel company said it was not transferable (even though it was the same value and same trip apart from the departure city).
Apart from some awful weather the trip was a blast. I deeply in love with the Highlands, especially Glencoe, plans are already being made to go back and hike Glencoe when it is a little warmer. We went to Eilean Donan Castle (the most photographed castle in Scotland), Kilt Rock, An Calic (which was an ruined area which used to produce dynamite, yes industrial archaeology is in fact a blast) and the largest settlements of Portree, and Fort William. We also hit up numerous photo spots including two waterfalls, one on the coast and one inland, a geological bench which was a great look out spot if you didn’t mind being blown about by the wind. All the major points had historical and local stories told by our male tour guide whose smooth Scottish accent had a few hearts fluttering.
I feel guilty, as I clearly did not get much work done this weekend however, it was my first trip this year so I have to cut myself some slack. I also might have caught a bug in my travels, perhaps that is punishment enough.
I have also decided to stay in Europe for my Christmas break. I will be spending Christmas itself in London with a friend of mine and I will be spending New Year’s in Paris with a few friends. Heck, saying I am going to London and Paris just sounds so much cooler than saying I am going home, however I will miss my family and my friends but really this is a once in a lifetime chance and I am sure they will all understand.

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