Bicycle! Bicycle!

I bought a bike. I actually bought it a while ago I simply forgot to mention it earlier. I bought it off, it has full suspension and while that usually indicates that the bike was expensive, however, it should be noted that I bought it for 30 quid. I have never heard of the bike company name ‘Saxon’ but honestly if its named after an invasion its got to be good! Right?  I have already spent more money on accessories than I should have. I bought a mudguard, as I was tired of having a muddy ‘rooster tail’ up my jacket and shirts, lights, a helmet and gloves. Recently I traveled around Glasgow looking for the family homes of a friend of mine. It was raining hard and I found that my breaks were slipping, I chalked it up to the rain, however, yesterday I attempted to ride my bike to the gym only to find that I had no breaks at all. Luckily, I discovered this early, sadly it may have at the expense of my tailbone (aka the coccix). 20 quid later I have a bike that is not as dangerous as the Saxon invasion. A friend of mine also bought a bike and he is also having similar problems so its not just my bike. Bike chains rusty quickly here (we joke that they are allergic to the smell of cooking haggis and deep fried mars bars) and lots of rain combined with road dirt devours break pads. As I said to my friend “My bike is a black hole, not even your lighter-colored money can escape it”.

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