It has been awhile

I have been AWOL from the blog, so here is what I have been up to. On Monday, I handed the report that has been owning (or pwning, if you are a gamer) my soul. That monster was 14 chapters, 32 pages (single spaced), 17 tables and 5 figures. I feel I confident about it as I put in a lot of thought and effort into it. One important lesson I have learned is that a budget of £100,000 does give you that much time in the field.

Two days ago, I traveled downtown, on my trusty two-wheeled chariot, to see Glasgow’s Cathedral, St Mungo’s museum of religion and the Necropolis. I took some awesome pictures as the sun was setting and just as the sun set and Glasgow’s lights illuminated the sky, my battery died. I think the Necropolis is truly amazing as it is both one of the most beautiful places in Glasgow (especially at night, much to my chagrin) also one of the most beautiful view points of Glasgow. The Necropolis itself is a huge hill, dominated by a statute of John Knox, with winding paths creeping up to the plateau. There were two obstacles to my picture taking. First, the Cathedral is being restored so scaffolding dominates parts of my shots. Second, some of the paths were blocked off as they were being repaved. However, I locked and hid my bike and snuck down from a upper level to snap some shots. It seems that photography favors the bold.

For all you contact wearers do not attempt to pamper your eyes. I needed to buy new contact solution and beside my regular solution I spotted the ‘for sensitive eyes’ equivalent. “Well, I am a pretty sensitive guy”, I thought to myself, “maybe my eyes are too”. When I got home, I found that the contact holder was completely different and so I read the directions concerning the case and then I stopped reading. Big mistake that. I missed the part, in bold, about the active ingredient being hydrogen peroxide and not applying it directly into my eye. The next day I followed my daily routine and per usual I applied a few drops of the solution to the contact before placing it into my eye. What followed was a type of pain I have come to equate to being tazered…in the eye. After I forcefully removed the contact from my bloodshot eye, and repressed the urge to put my fist through the mirror, it dawned on me that directions are there for a reason. The moral of the story is my eyes are indeed sensitive; they are sensitive to the thought of change.

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