Edinburgh ahoy!

Tomorrow I am heading to Edinburgh with four friends. We are ‘crashing’ at the flat of a friend of a friend’s. This will be my first time in the capital, which is funny as it is only a 40-minute bus ride away.

February is shaping up to be a crazy month. I am trying to score myself a reservation to go to Belgium (I will likely have to pay my own way though) to get a tour of the Western front. The ‘battlefielders’ (battlefield archaeologists) will also be working with a Canadian TV production company and possibly doing some fieldwork. I mentioned I was the only Canadian and that might have single handedly swayed our professor. It pays to be the only Canadian archaeologist around sometimes.

I will also be going to a conference in York on “The computer applications and quantitative methods in archaeology”. (http://www.york.ac.uk/conferences/caauk2008/index.html)
As it turns out the friend I spent Christmas with has a friend at York who will be giving one of the lectures at the conference. It is indeed a small world and the sphere of Archaeology seems even smaller.

Well I have to send off a letter and a cheque to those organizing the conference (clearly the only requirement for attending this conference is money), and then get some schoolwork done.

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