York and back again

My trip to York was interesting to say the least. To start it off my wallet was nicked on the train and I had only a reservation at a hostel, which I had not yet paid for, and the number of a friends’ friend. I called this new friend and the connection cut out. I near smashed the phone right there and then however, my new friend called from another phone and stated his battery had died.

Cutting to the present I had just taken last collection of the items I need to get through the remainder of the year. Lost to the sands of time are my driving license, my emergency credit card and a black leather wallet. Rounding up and collecting these items has been my mission for the past week.

Back to York my new friend was a extremely helpful and friendly guide. The guy even set me up with a bunk, food, and lent me 50 quid. I am so thankful for his help and I hope I will have a chance to repay my new friend and show him an equally fun time when he comes to Glasgow.

The conference itself was such a mixed bag. Many of the items discussed were fascinating however like most conferences much depended on the quality of the speaker. I don’t want to speak of some of the ideas due to possible copyright infringements but here are some interesting new finds.

Augmented reality- a type of virtual reality; it shows 3D replicas of objects and buildings. Imagine seeing a 3D model of a castle etc using your cell phone camera.

The “Dig!” – museum in York imagine watching adult archaeologists becoming children again and digging in a neo-sandbox peppered with artifacts. The only difference between children and adults was the glasses of wine in many hands.

http://strangemaps.wordpress.com/ a fantastic site for interesting ways in which we humans display the world around us. Don’t attempt this site with dial up.

York- an amazing city in general. I sadly did not bring my camera; apart from being windy as hell, it was picture perfect environment with visibly inspiring heritage and great beers.

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