Some real archaeology!

Good news I finally have some real archaeology to report! Today I did some geophysics just outside the archaeology building. This area is often used as a training ground for archaeological surveying courses and one friend joked that this lawn was one of the best archaeologically documented areas in the UK. My course mates and set up and 10 x 10 meter grid and fired up a magnetometer (which detects magnetic variations and anomalies in the ground). I can also report that I am going to be using these new skills on a geophysical survey of a Roman mile-fort along the Antonine wall. This survey will also help to strengthen the Antonine’s Wall bid for World Heritage status!

Originally, I was quite angry about the placement of this survey as it is on the first week of spring break and I had already bought a plane ticket to Ireland. Now I see that this survey is just one of those awesome opportunities that would never happen in the ‘New World’ and it will surly make some of my friends jealous. Also while I don’t have to give away too many personal details let just say I was voted in and now I am apart of the upper echelon of an organization which focuses their attention to archaeology based interests. I am also pestering certain professors about my work placement but nothing is certain yet so I will hold off on announcing anything.

Today I also learned about Gantt charts and a man named William Edwards Deming who helped rebuild and reorganize Japan’s infrastructure after the Second World War. While the historical ‘giants’ of management may not be all that fascinating, as the lecture stated himself, its at least amazing to see a defeated and nearly ruined country bounce back to become one of the largest economies in the world. Feel free to look him up and use his ’14 points’ whatever your employment.

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