Oh boy/Europe ahoy!

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I biked to Loch Lomond (at least 19 miles one-way) and then I went to Parkour class. Most have heard of the sunny, sunny banks of Loch Lomond but I am willing to bet that Parkour is not so well known. Parkour is a essentially a French version of “free running” that is all about “the art of displacement”. Have you seen the newest and best, in my opinion, James Bond/007 movie, “Casino Royale”? When James Bond is chasing the scarred bomb maker through the construction site, the baddy is using Parkour. In the newest Die Hard, one of the baddies is well versed in Parkour too. Note: not only evil people learn Parkour. A person learns Parkour so they can efficiently escape danger. Free running is all about expressing yourself acrobatically/artistically; Parkour is all about the most energy efficient and quickest method to move to safety. To see a good guy using Parkour rent the movie “District B13”, awesome combat scenes. You can also check out some videos about Parkour, and Parkour training, on YouTube.

I learned about Parkour through http://www.fitmusic.com, they have a good workout podcast and I went to the website to see if they were reviewing products etc. They were, and I eventually found some exercises for “Parkour” and was intrigued. I looked it up and I learned about the development of Parkour; I first learned about Georges Hébert. Hébert was a member of the French army and went to Africa where he developed a fitness regime based on the indigenous tribes he met. While in was in Saint-Piere, Martinique a volcano erupted and he coordinated the escape and rescue of 700 people. This changed his life, as it would for most, and his personal motto became “be strong to be useful”. The lifeguard portion of me loves that. Oh and Hébert later developed the rope course, fascinating person no doubt. The Belle family founded Parkour, in the form it exists today; the official founder is David Belle, but he received a lot of guidance from his father Raymond who was in turn influence by Hébert. For more information on the subject look up “Parkour” on Wikipedia.

Today I travel to continental Europe. I am flying into, and out of, Amsterdam. Apart from that, this journey will be very “gonzo”. I mean “gonzo” like the journalism style of Hunter S. Thompson, not the tire eating Muppet. So far, the plan is the stay with some friends in Amsterdam until Sunday (or Monday) then a clockwise tour of Europe. I am thinking it will be Berlin, Bern, Brussels and back to Amsterdam to fly out on the 26th. I like to fly by the seat of my pants, it keeps me on my toes.

As it turns out my work placement starts on April 28 and not May 5 as I was previously told. I will post the details of my placement sometime after my first day. I have maneuvered myself to do something awesome!

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2 Comments on “Oh boy/Europe ahoy!”

  1. Douglas Todd Says:

    Billy, don’t get lost in the Amsterdam airport. I spent a month there once. If you run into my old flame Anja in Berlin, run! If the Russians and former East Germans are still in the shadow of the Brandenburg Gate selling off their wartime heritage at crash bottom prices to tourists, grab a pair of those army-issue binos, awesome! You lucky bugger! Did I mention Feature #104 yet? We hit a waterline today, I am still squeezing out my gotchies. Will has yet to come up for air…

  2. Funkster Says:

    I’ve just stumbled into this stuff – I was looking for inspiration for some club wear designs and I came across a Parkour video on YouTube…

    I really couldn’t believe my eyes at some of the things you can get up to!

    There’s a computer game for this stuff too! I suppose that’s for when you need a little rest for your legs. How did I miss this before in my life. I watched a video of someone called Gizmo(?) who was doing this stuff in black and white film days!

    Anyway, I’ll try and get some t-shirts suitable for the free movement that determines the grace and power of Parkour.

    I’ve put up a blog about it too – I was that impressed!


    Maybe I can get some constructive comments back?

    Party on!

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