By the numbers!

During my trip I visited 6 museums: the Sex Museum and the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam; the Musea Brugge; the Jewish Museum, Bode and Pergamon Museum. Berlin (Bode and Pergamon are apart of “Museum Island”).

I tasted 36 new types of beer. By city, I drank 15 in Amsterdam, 5 in Berlin and 16 in Belgium. I kept a list; some of my new friends laughed at this and thought I was a bit nuts but whos laughing now!

As it turns out I had two beers which are on’s top 50 list: Rochefort and St Bernardus. Kwak gets a mention for coming with a wacky beer holder. Lindeman’s apple tastes like a green jolly rancher. Paulaner Muchener Hell gets a nod for the strangest name (but tastes like Sleeman’s cream ale to me). Amstel gold and Mae’s are tied as the best cheap beers, but, Berliner Kindl is the cheapest beer with the best accompanying story.

I have been called a “foodie” and I sure earned that stripe this trip. I gorged myself on all of the local dishes I could find. I feasted on Dutch frikadel (like a meat fritter which reminds me of haggis), stroopwaffels; sausages, potatoes and red cabbage (a Dutch favorite, apparently) and I had rabbit with chocolate and beer sauce (no, I’m not joking). I ate a Belgium “Bicky Burger” with fries topped with “Stoofvellesauce” (beer based gravy with chunks of meat), currywurst (a Berlin specialty-bratwurst cut up with ketchup or BBQ sauce with curry powder sprinkled on top), beer goulash with bread dumplings, and Bavarian apple strudel.

I took over 7 trains, over 10 trams, a handful of buses, a boat tour, I biked through the obstacle course that is Amsterdam and I took one taxi in Bruges. I can’t even begin to imagine how far I walked.

Oh, and I took over 614 photos.

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