My course outline

I had my first class today; there are four other people in my class with only one other ‘North American’ and one other male student. The following is the break down of my course, which consists of four parts. The first part is the ‘core courses’, which are further broken down into three parts ‘research training courses’ ‘the context of professional archaeology’ and ‘the practice of professional archaeology’. The second part is the optional modules where you pick the courses you want from a list of eleven choices, assuming they are all offered. The third part is ‘work placement’ which runs for 8-10 weeks and according to the head of my department there is a great deal of flexibility on which projects you work on or who you work with. Last year on student did a surface survey of a small island while another student worked for a heritage organization assessing monument reports. The final part is a short dissertation or a research report that weighs in at 6-8 thousand words. The workload became clear today when we received the course reading list and my jaw literally dropped, at least the majority of them are online so I don’t have to take out a loan simply to buy my textbooks.

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